Month: March 2014

Cribbing: It sucks

Horse CribbingCribbing (or crib biting) is a vice that can make a horse an outcast in the barn. Some barn policies will not allow cribbers to board due to worries about the slow, but inevitable destruction of fences and stalls and the fear that a cribber will “teach” the other horses stabled near him to crib, too. Sometimes the offending horse is ostracized to an older barn, the owner, ever-grateful, has a collection of boards and nails to repair her steed’s stall. She googles the internet for solutions, a new cribbing strap or  anti-chew concoction, so often that ads for crib notes for Shakespeare and T. S. Eliot appear in the her Gmail side bar. Nothing ever helps, so she keeps hand sewing new fleece covers for the cribbing strap and avoiding eye contact with the equine dentist who shakes his head at the increasingly nubby incisors. (more…)