Who We Are



Equine Digest is a blog dedicated to all things related to the horse’s digestive system, tooth to tail. Some of the issues we cover are:

  • feeding and nutrition
  • dental
  • colic
  • supplements
  • and the latest news and information in equestrian sports, racing, and lifestyle.

Hate to read scientific journals?

We will keep you updated on the latest research in veterinary medicine, so you don’t have to look for and interpret scientific data.

Tired of reading supplement labels?

We’ll break down supplements so you know the best one for your horse’s condition, age, work load, and feeding program.

Looking for a feeding solution for your aged or eldery buddy?

We’ll post short tips and in-depth explanations from experts in the field.

Trying to decide whether to use a veterinarian or a equine dentist?

Let us do the sorting for you. We’ll analyze the advantages and disadvantages of both.

Debating on the value of a colic insurance program?

We’ll dig for the details to find out whether it’s worth the money and the hassle.

Jessica Turner, Editor

Jessica has been writing about horses since she was a horse-crazy girl. More recently, she has written for Practical Horseman and Equisearch. She has a graduate certificate in Professional Writing from Northern Arizona University where she concentrated on writing for the sciences. She has also written travel literature, high school curricula, web content for grass-roots political organizations, and scientific research.

See Jessica’s Resume for more information.


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