How to Make Bran Mash

Bran mash is an old horseman’s trick to soothe a tired, sick, or stressed horse. We feed a bran mash after a tough weekend competing, before and after shipping long distances, after foaling, or if dehydration is a worry. (more…)


Cribbing in Action

This video is an exellent example of a horse cribbing. It shows:

  • the typical licking that goes with it;
  • the characteristic “grunt”; and
  • the expansion of the neck muscles.

Cribbing: Home on the Range

Your stall windows are smeared with dusty gobs of foul-smelling goo. Your braider sighs audibly when she gets to the worn spot in Dusty’s mane where she could’ve fit two more braids. Your feed room has at least three unfinished containers of supplements that promise to fatten Dusty up.

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